For years, dermatologists and other specialists have used LED lights to treat and embellish the skin.

The devices used in the medical and aesthetic clinics, as well as those sold for personal home use operate with LED light sources (light emitting diode) or laser.

Because the sun is the most powerful light source there is, the least expensive and the most natural, we had the idea of filtering the intensity of the wavelengths emitted by the sun in order to keep only its positive effects and eliminate the negatives, such as UVA and UVB.


Inspired by photonics and new polymers used in lasers filters, we have developed a personal photobiostimulation device: RUBY VISAGE.

It consists of an unbreakable polymer visor optimized to filter wavelengths emitted by the sun, in a precise and scientific way in order to offer you all the benefits of red light therapy at home.

Gallio Research Group is the first company to globally commercialize a new technology that provides the same benefits as LED light treatments available at clinics, through the use of clean, natural resource: the sun!