Natural solution to repair damaged skin

Acne is a recurring problem for adolescents, but it also affects older people, particularly certain women with late-onset acne. Acne and its scars have significant psychological repercussions for people affected by this skin condition, since it affects the face and changes the individual’s body image at key moments in their life. Acne interferes with our relationships with others and can lead to a real alteration in quality of life for some people. By treating the skin early on, it’s possible to minimize acne scars, and the effectiveness of photobiostimulation at treating acne has been demonstrated by numerous studies.

Ruby Visage diminishes acne scars

Ruby Visage doesn’t cure facial acne, since it doesn’t kill the bacteria that are responsible for it, but used in combination with an appropriate acne treatment, it helps:

  • effectively diminish acne scars, reduce their size, and even make them disappear;
  • give you back beautiful skin;
  • make redness, irritation, and inflammation on the skin disappear;
  • eliminate the excess sebum (one of the causes of acne) secreted by the sebaceous glands in the dermis;
  • make the skin less oily;
  • make the dark or reddish spots (macules) and the discolouration that subsist after the pimple has healed disappear.

A natural supplementary acne treatment, Ruby Visage uses photobiostimulation to cause sunlight and the tissues to interact in order to achieve a therapeutic photobiological reaction to treat acne. This 100%-natural solution also possesses healing properties.

Photobiostimulation helps you treat light to moderately severe acne safely and painlessly and avoid, in certain cases, the use of antibiotics. With Ruby Visage, treatment is simple and can be carried out at home: you just have to wear the mask for a few minutes each day to start reducing inflammation, lesions, and scars, and continue the treatment until they’ve totally disappeared.

This 100%-natural acne treatment solution:

  • is totally painless;
  • works on all skin types;
  • causes no side effects, adverse reactions, or detrimental effects on the skin;
  • possesses healing properties;
  • is effective, as has been scientifically and clinically shown by numerous studies.

Thanks to the phenomenon of photobiostimulation, Ruby Visage lets light energy penetrate deeply into the skin to reduce inflammation and redness.