Skin firming natural solution

Over the years, the epidermis thins and the dermis loses essential elements such as fibre, collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid. But you don’t need to wait for time to do its job; you can take steps to firm the skin and improve its texture at any age. Using cutting-edge cellular rejuvenation technology called photobiostimulation, wearing the Ruby Visage mask lets you filter out harmful solar waves and keep only those that are beneficial for the skin, thereby treating skin sagging and helping firm up the face.

Using Ruby Visage helps firm the skin and improve its texture

Even stretch marks, which result from a malfunction of the cells that play a major role in the formation of collagen and elastic fibres within the tissues, can be treated with Ruby Visage. In effect, photobiostimulation increases the secretion of collagen and elastin in the skin through photoactivation of the mitochondria located within the skin cells, thus improving skin texture and reducing skin sagging:

  • Sagging or loose skin is tightened;
  • The facial contour is firmer;
  • Skin sagging on the level of the jowls is reduced;
  • Skin quality improves, and textural irregularities fade;
  • The creases on the forehead are diminished;
  • The skin is more supple and elastic;
  • The pores on the skin firm up and their size improves;
  • The density and brightness of the skin improves;
  • The skin becomes better hydrated without being oily;
  • Vascular or pigmentary imperfections are reduced;
  • Skin texture becomes tighter;
  • The epidermis becomes smooth and even;
  • The skin rediscovers its shine;
  • Stretch marks fade then disappear in just a few sessions;
  • Surgical scars and other scars fade away;
  • The healing of accidental and surgical wounds, as well as those resulting from aggressive cosmetic procedures (peels, ablative lasers, etc.), improves.

Several years of research based on scientific studies conducted worldwide have demonstrated that photobiostimulation helps treat the skin, beautify it, and give it firmness and texture. Using Ruby Visage, the first device to use the sun for skin care designed for personal at-home use, helps significantly increase the penetration rate of creams and combat skin sagging.

The Ruby Visage treatment is capable of firming your skin and improving its texture, and it:

  • can very easily be used at home;
  • only requires a few minutes each day;
  • produces visible effects starting from the first sessions;
  • causes no pain, discomfort, or adverse effects;
  • doesn’t require you to interrupt your activity.

Ruby Visage is a 100%-natural skin care solution. Treatments take place at home, every day, only last a few minutes, and offer the same benefits as clinical sessions. Acting as a true anti-aging treatment, Ruby Visage uses solar energy to naturally activate the production of collagen and elastin in your skin and give firmness, elasticity, and suppleness back to your face. For a natural facial rejuvenation with no side effects, wear the Ruby Visage mask!