Natural solution to give radiance back to your complexion

Many factors influence the aging of your skin. Starting at age 25 and over time, the epidermis produces fewer nutrients, leading to a more tired, dull, and uneven complexion. With age, the metabolism slows down and:

  • the cellular energy of the fibroblasts, the cells responsible for producing collagen and elastin, decreases;
  • the decrease in collagen, the primary carrier protein in the connective tissue, causes a loss of hydration and elasticity in the skin;
  • visible signs of aging, such as the dulling of the complexion, appear.

Since the discovery of the benefits of LED light for the skin, dermatologists and other specialists have used this technology to treat the different causes of aging of the skin and give radiance back to your complexion.

Using Ruby Visage lets you rediscover a healthy glow

Devices at medical and aesthetic clinics use LED light sources and photobiostimulation technology to care for your skin and, in particular, give you back a healthy glow. LED light causes a photodynamic effect that helps improve microcirculation within the cells; this leads to an overall improvement in general cellular metabolism and helps bring out the skin’s maximum radiance. Using photobiostimulation technology, Ruby Visage offers the same advantages as LED light treatments provided at the clinic.

The regular use of Ruby Visage restores radiance to your complexion

  • LED light treatments work on all types of skin, whether it’s clear, dark, normal, dry, oily, sensitive, young, or mature;
  • Photobiostimulation technology is effective on skin of any age;
  • It improves the absorption and the effect of cosmetics, helping rehydrate the skin and reduce dry areas;
  • It refines skin texture, reduces impurities, and rejuvenates, refreshes, and revives the skin;
  • The treatments use photobiostimulation to help strengthen your skin’s resistance to stress and external aggressions;
  • Just a few sessions with Ruby Visage are enough to detoxify the skin and let you find a more rested face;
  • The treatment rejuvenates the appearance of the skin, the complexion rediscovers its youthful glow, and the photobiostimulation acts as an anti-aging treatment;
  • Wearing the Ruby Visage mask helps reduce redness and pigmentation spots on the face;
  • The photobiostimulation sessions give a beautiful, natural tone to your skin without makeup while providing a wonderful feeling of well-being;
  • The skin is healthier and softer, and the face seems more radiant;
  • The dark circles clear up, and the complexion becomes more even and harmonious as the sessions progress.

Using photobiostimulation, a 100%-natural anti-aging solution, Ruby Visage gives your skin a better, more radiant complexion in a safe and non-invasive way without any side effects or adverse reactions. Thanks to this tested and clinically and scientifically proven technique, dull skin rediscovers a fresh, bright look full of shine, letting you feel good and beautiful without any makeup.