Photobiostimulation treatment for couperose and rosacea

Couperose and rosacea are particularly troubling facial skin conditions. Couperose affects the face and appears in the form of dilated blood vessels visible to the naked eye against a backdrop of erythrosis. It can turn into a chronic, progressive skin condition called rosacea, and in such cases, the face exhibits, besides visibly dilated blood vessels, inflammation, permanent redness, pimples, and sometimes oedema.

Ruby Visage helps reduce the signs of couperose and rosacea

Many studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of photobiostimulation at treating couperose as well as rosacea. Using this technology, Ruby Visage, which is safe and painless, lets you treat this vasoreactive skin and improve its aesthetic appearance, but also limits the worsening of the signs of these skin disorders.

  • Photobiostimulation significantly reduces the intensity and extent of the redness (also known as the red base, or erythrosis), and eventually makes it disappear;
  • It improves the appearance of the little dilated blood vessels associated with couperose and certain angiomas, and can sometimes make them disappear;
  • The treatment improves rosacea and uneven pigmentation;
  • It leads to fewer outbreaks and alleviates all the symptoms;
  • It reduces red or purplish vascular dilations (telangiectasia);
  • It reduces sudden and temporary redness.

Ruby Visage is the only device that lets you naturally treat rosacea at home. The mask filters the solar rays, protects against harmful frequencies and rays such as UVA and UVB, and only lets the beneficial wavelengths emitted by the sun pass through it. In particular, these help treat skin conditions such as couperose or rosacea.

  • While wearing the Ruby Visage mask, the light that passes through it transfers energy to the cells in order to amplify their functions and their natural effectiveness;
  • While absorbing the photons from the light, the cells convert their energy into biochemical stimulation;
  • This reaction naturally stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, both of which help repair and regenerate cells;
  • Wearing the Ruby Visage mask also allows better penetration of the active ingredients in skin cream, into the dermis and epidermis.

With Ruby Visage, photobiostimulation treatment is carried out totally simply and naturally: just wear the mask each day for a few minutes in sunny or variable weather. This 100%-natural skin care solution is completely safe and causes no side effects or adverse reactions. In addition, Ruby Visage is the only device that uses photobiostimulation and that allows you to treat your skin problems at home.