Natural solution to reduce facial inflammation

Inflammation is a bodily reaction generated in response to an aggression that it has suffered — for example, an infection, injury, or trauma. Facial inflammation in particular can be a sign of complications related to aggressive cosmetic procedures, such as Botox treatments, chemical peels, laser treatments, and laser or pulsed light hair removal. Sometimes, facial inflammation can be caused by conditions such as rosacea: on certain areas of the face such as the nose, chin, or cheeks, thickened skin takes the form of swelling capable of significantly and persistently deforming the face.

Ruby Visage treats facial inflammation

Although the benefits of photobiostimulation with regard to inflammation have been known since the invention of the laser, Ruby Visage is the first device for personal at-home use that uses the sun for skin care and, in particular, to treat inflammation.

Whatever its cause, wearing the Ruby Visage mask, a photobiostimulation device directly inspired by the field of photonics and the new polymers used in laser filters, treats and reduces inflammation:

  • Photobiostimulation helps reduce oedema and swelling;
  • The light from the treatment relieves the intensity of the inflammation;
  • Wearing the mask reduces swelling on the face;
  • The bags under the eyes deflate;
  • Photobiostimulation helps relieve pain caused by facial inflammation, muscle pain, and arthritis;
  • Blood circulation on the level of the inflammation is stimulated;
  • Using the Ruby Visage mask can considerably reduce pain;
  • The treatment reduces inflammation under the eyes and conceals the bags;
  • Wearing the Ruby Visage mask helps treat persistent oedema such as those caused by rosacea.

Photobiostimulation has a specific effect on the lymphatic system, stimulating cellular metabolism by relieving oedema. The treatment also helps reduce joint inflammation and strengthens the immune system by increasing the pain threshold, since stimulating the fibroblasts affects the inhibition of the synthesis of certain messenger molecules from the inflammatory system.

Recent studies have shown the effectiveness of using photobiostimulation for therapeutic purposes in various respects, including inflammation and inflammatory pain.

Thanks to Ruby Visage, a solution that uses solar energy to offer anti-inflammatory treatments as effective as those offered at the clinic, facial inflammation can be treated in a totally natural, non-aggressive, non-invasive, and safe way, without a risk of adverse side effects and without needing to use medication.