Anti-pigmentation natural treatment

Appearing after sun exposure, with age, or during pregnancy, spots are affecting a growing number of women. Dermatologists note that, in effect, due to the effects of the sun, hormonal variations, and, in particular, aging, as well as increasingly interracial populations, pigmentation disorders appear in the form of a loss of evenness in the skin, which also becomes duller, as well as in the form of dark spots. These dark spots or sun spots frequently appear on the face and, though inoffensive, they are perceived as unattractive and make the skin look older than it really is.

These dark spots on the face may be caused by:

  • aging;
  • ultraviolet rays;
  • taking certain medications;
  • hormonal imbalances (pregnancy, taking birth control pills, etc.);
  • menopause;
  • acne;
  • skin wounds;
  • other health problems causing an increase in brown pigment (melanin).

Ruby Visage effectively treats dark spots

Dark spots are more pigmented than the surrounding skin and can darken or fade depending on sun exposure. Pregnancy mask, or melasma, takes the form of a hyperpigmented mask with an irregular outline. The appearance of these spots is in fact due to excess melanin production by the body associated with hormonal imbalances.

Relying on the benefits of photoenergy, Ruby Visage is effective at treating all types of dark spots on the face:

  • Age spots;
  • Pigmentation spots (or pigmentary spots);
  • Pregnancy spots.

Using Ruby Visage increases the production of collagen and elastin by stimulating it, thus increasing cellular activity and the penetration rate of creams into the dermis and epidermis layers, allowing the skin to eliminate these spots. The treatment is performed in your own home and involves staying in the sun with the Ruby Visage mask for a few minutes each day. These spots can be more or less difficult to eliminate depending on how old they are and their depth; those caused by inflammation are also tougher.

Wearing the Ruby Visage mask in sunny or variable weather lets you treat spots:

  • without chemicals that burn;
  • without painful sanding;
  • without an invasive laser.

Using Ruby Visage helps make dark spots less visible as the sessions progress and ultimately eliminates unsightly marks caused by the sun, aging, or pregnancy, and reduces the risks of pigmentary change and dark spots caused by an inflammatory process.

Ruby Visage, a 100%-natural anti-aging solution, filters the rays of the sun in order to only let through the wavelengths that are beneficial for the skin while protecting against damaging frequencies and rays such as UVA and UVB in order to treat skin problems and, in particular, pigmentary spots.

It’s never too late to treat dark spots. All you have to do is wear the Ruby Visage mask for a few minutes each day to make them disappear!