Anti-aging solution to reduce forehead and under eye wrinkles

With age, the signs of skin aging start appearing, such as wrinkles that remind us of the marks of passing time. The different areas of the face are affected by expression lines and static wrinkles. They can be:

  • on the forehead;
  • frown lines;
  • around the eyes (the infamous crow’s feet);
  • located on the cheeks and cheekbones;
  • along the sides of the nose and lips.

Ruby Visage acts as a natural anti-wrinkle treatment

Through its effect on sagging skin, photobiostimulation performs a deep treatment based on the beneficial and rejuvenating effects of light, and plays the role of a real, natural anti-wrinkle treatment. It stimulates cellular synthesis and the formation of proteins and fibres, increasing the production of collagen and elastin at skin level. After absorbing the photons from the light, the cells convert their energy into biochemical stimulation, allowing them to be repaired and regenerated. In practice, this means a decrease in the formation of wrinkles and fine lines on the face, and a reduction of existing wrinkles.

By using Ruby Visage, the effects of time on the skin are visibly reduced from the very first sessions:

  • The skin is tighter;
  • The wrinkles of the forehead are less pronounced;
  • The wrinkles between the eyebrows are reduced;
  • The fine lines and wrinkles in the corners of the eyes are diminished;
  • The pores tighten up, and the skin is brighter and denser;
  • Fine lines are substantially reduced;
  • The nasolabial folds that lead from the nose to the corners of the mouth are significantly diminished;
  • The texture of the skin is enhanced, rediscovering its elasticity, firmness, and tone;
  • Generally speaking, there is a marked reduction in the severity of wrinkles.

Directly inspired by the field of photonics and the new polymers used in laser filters, Ruby Visage is a photobiostimulation device that aids in facial rejuvenation, which is related to the tightening of the pores. Using Ruby Visage allows for visible rejuvenation. Its filter lets wavelengths that are beneficial for the skin pass through it, which encourages the production of collagen and elastin, acting as an anti-aging solution by limiting the formation of wrinkles and smoothing existing wrinkles and fine lines.

Treatments like Ruby Visage use 100%-natural photobiostimulation technology, the effectiveness of which has been confirmed by numerous studies. The sessions are painless during and after treatment, are very safe, and cause no side effects, skin irritation, or any other damage to the subcutaneous tissues.

A 100%-natural anti-aging solution, Ruby Visage helps diminish the effects of wrinkles and fine lines without anaesthesia, a healing period, or recovery time. Unlike many methods, it is non-invasive, and after a session, life can resume its course without any trace of medical intervention being visible.