Photobiostimulation technology

Photobiostimulation includes transmitting light energy in adequate frequencies to stimulate certain metabolites of photosensitive cells of the body, which allows some cellular mechanisms to be optimized or inhibited.

For example, fibroblasts, small manufacturing plants of collagen and elastin, respond to stimulation by increasing production and by becoming more efficient. This effect helps prevent wrinkles and fade.

The stimulation also acts on the inhibition of the synthesis of certain messenger molecules of the inflammatory system. Thus the molecule “COX” is inhibited and acts in the same way as ibuprofen molecule for pain relief without the negative effects on the liver and stomach.

Several recent studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of the use of photobiostimulation for therapeutic purposes in various aspects, whether for rejuvenation techniques; for treatment of acne or psoriasis; and even for the relief of muscle pain, arthritic and inflammatory pain.

Moreover, photobiostimulation can offer a range of non-evasive treatments safe with no side effects.

Scientifically and clinically proven

Ruby Visage is based on the same technology and provides the same benefits that LED light therapy offered in clinics, using solar energy.

This product was developed in Quebec and its effectiveness has been tested and demonstrated by researchers at the a Quebec university in Montreal.

An effective technology, safe and without side effects, scientifically and clinically proven and suitable for all skin types and all ages.

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