Reduction of wrinkles around the eyes • brighter complexion • Reduced redness

Julie, 39, after 9 sessions with Ruby Visage

Reduction of nasolabial folds • Brighter complexion • Reduced redness

Julie, 38, after 9 sessions with Ruby Visage

Sophie, 45, after 6 sessions with Ruby Visage

Reduction of forehead wrinkles •Brighter complexion • Decrease redness

Julie, 38, after 9 sessions of Ruby Visage

Sophie, 45, after 6 sessions with Ruby Visage

Testimonials of satisfied customers

“Ruby Visage, what a great invention!!!!After 15 days, I found a real transformation of my face. 1- My skin is tighter 2- Wrinkles in my forehead are fading 3- Two wrinkles between my eyebrows have faded as if they have been filled 4- My face looks more rested 5- Dark spots are less visible. I continue this experience and am determined to do it every day!”
Nicole, 65, St-Lazare
“I admit I was septic when I saw this new product. An opportunity led me to try it for 10 days. The result is real and surprising. Even my husband who is not a follower of compliment saw the difference. The skin is more flexible, therefore the much less visible imperfections.

The two dark spots that I had for years faded dramatically. I also dreaded the constrain of wearing that mask. In fact, it is relaxing and enjoyable. Me, who do not want to stay in place, I now give myself a good relaxing time in the day. I’m really glad I made he initial effort to try it and I recommend to all women and even men also try this experiment. I must add that the result is even more visible when I’m positioned facing the sun outside.”

Annie, 70, St-Sauveur
“Just like you I had doubts about the effectiveness of this technology and just like you I see its benefits after each session!!! I can not wait to see what it will do for me at the end of the summer!!”
Magdalena, 40, Montreal
“I’ve been doing my Ruby Visage sessions for three weeks. I found there is improvement in the radiance of my skin, the firming of my skin pores and the feeling of having a more hydrated skin.”
Claudette, 45, St-Sauveur
“Finally, the pleasure of sitting in the sun for our own good and not thinking of the nasty cancer! A hyper pleasant moment of relaxation!”
Pascale, 55, Montreal
“My Ruby and me! Eyes closed under the Ruby Visage because for me every time I wear it is a special moment. I take care of myself, of my 54 years and the wrinkles and pigmentation spots that goes with it! and it’s doing me a world of good….. I relax while enjoying the benefits of Ruby.”
Catherine, 54, St-Sauveur
” I notice my crows’ feet are gradually disappearing and so are the wrinkles on my forehead. My skin tone seems to unify too.”
Julie, 38, Montreal
“The results are surprising! Personally, I used Ruby Visage on my inflamed wrist. The pain has significantly decreased both in frequency and intensity in a few days use only.”
Mireille, 51, Montreal